These cities of Lorraine “forgotten” from the mobile network

When some people actually think about 5G, others still hope to capture 4G on their cell phone someday.

This network which, let’s remember, has ten times more possibilities for smartphone users compared to the 3G network (discussions, watching videos, listening to music live online, and downloading 5 to 10 times faster than 3G) is not yet available everywhere in Lorraine.

30 Lorraine communes “shunned” by 4G

Municipalities are still shunned by telephone operators, if we refer to the latest investigation by Arcep (France’s telecommunications regulatory authority), the “gendarmerie” of mobile phone operators in France. Arcep has already updated its interactive map to cover the network of French operators (Free, Bouygues, SFR, Orange), so we can know if 4G is available or not, at any time in France.

Verdict: In Lorraine, at least 30 villages do not have 4G access, in most of their municipalities.

The “forgotten fourth generation” cities of Lorraine

“The Forgotten Fourth Generation” in Lorraine

In the regiment:

Vaubexy, Derbamont, Circourt


La Vacheresse et la Rouillie, Crainvilliers

In Moselle:




In Meurthe-et-Moselle:

Martincore, Greccourt

In Muse:

Epiez-sur-Meuse (2G, 3G, 4G)



Chonville Malomont

Dommartin-la-Montagne, Saint-Rémy-la-Calonne, Les Éparges

Avocourt, Montzeville

Montblanc, Bazencourt-sur-Salt, Rupt-aux-Nonains

Moulin, Nantes le Grand

Mont Defant Sassi


Thonne-la-long, Avioth, Breux

Partial municipality in the white district

In Lorraine, at least one municipality is still in a partially white area, that is, where 2G, 3G or 4G is not received. In other words, you cannot send SMS, call or access the Internet via a mobile phone. This is the city of Ibiz-sur-Meuse (Meuse), according to data from Arcep.

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It should only be a matter of time Before “plugging” this municipality ; The government has set itself the goal of a “zero white zone” by 2022.

Clear progress since 2018

It should be noted that the 4G network has grown significantly in recent months. In January 2018, the operators committed the government – by signing the New Mobile Phone Deal – to speed up mobile phone coverage in France, especially in rural areas. They have memorized their word.

Meuse is catching up

If we look at the size of Lauren’s divisions, in MUSE it was the most notable advance. Only 82.9% of the population was equipped with 4G technology in the second quarter of 2017. Three years later, Arcep estimates that about 98% of Meusiens are now covered by the network.

The population of Vogue, Murthy, and Moselle, and Mosel, respectively, was 96.1%, 98.6%, and 98.7% covered by fourth generation. 4G coverage now works for over 99% of the population in these divisions.

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