“They sell us an evening in virtual reality and we end up with a bad concert.” “Wasn’t there more budget?” Twitters disappointed by the presentation of the M6

Oversold concept, this is what many netizens criticized for the presentation of the new M6 on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Extraordinary eveningPresentations by singers in an augmented reality environment weren’t really convincing. The question is basically: a large disparity between the different tables, and a disappearance during the minutes of augmented reality …

M6 Live Screen Capture

We can’t blame the channel for not being innovative… Dominoes ChallengeM6 was shown on Wednesday as a reward for a new variety show. on paper, Extraordinary evening It had everything to spark curiosity: a new host, Marie Portolano, a Canal+ defector, and a concept that wants to be the talk. The greatest French artists performed on stage in augmented reality sites.The special effects deserve the greatest moviesThe first on the M6 ​​in entertainment.

It was Kendji Girac and Soolking who opened this evening, surrounded by dancers who seemed to move down a colorful alley. Then came the turn of Vita and Suleiman, who took their title de lore Like a queen and a king in chess. An experience that charmed the singer: “It feels like a huge movie […] It is one of the most beautiful paintings we have ever painted,” she told the new host.

However, the first negative reactions on Twitter did not take long: many Internet users quickly expressed doubts about the added value of augmented reality, seeing nothing more than a “decoration”. When others saw that the technology, which was supposed to be modern, gave a result worthy of the nineties.

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And it’s not the clips of Florent Bagni, Calogero or Patrick Bruel, but rather poor in augmented reality, which made them revise their judgments. Some netizens have already noticed some disparities between the artists’ paintings. Others felt that as the evening progressed the less respect for the concept of leaving, the show turned into a classical concert in their eyes.

Just Julien Doré’s passing seems to have everyone (almost) in agreement. The long-haired singer was developing his nickname time kiki In a pink desert overflowing with giant dream-like animals. “It is an artistic cocoon that allows to evoke a part of the dream, of the imagination,” the artist rejoiced, and the evening conquered her as much as the host.

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