This app turns your Android phone into a Nintendo Switch console

Currently there are a large number of applications, including one that allows you to do this Create your own “deepfakes”, To someone else with him Follow all flights directly. Google even recently released one that you can learn to code with, and it’s perfect for those quarantine days. However, some apps, due to the large number there, go unnoticed. For example, in the Google store, you can find an app Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Switch console.

The app is useful, for example, if you only have it Des Joy-kun, Nintendo Hybrid Console Controls; Therefore, if your other family members want to participate in an exciting kart race, they cannot. So far, thanks since then Joycon Android Yes, they can. It is an application that Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Switch console.

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Developed by DeepBlue Labs, this app allows you to turn an Android smartphone into a Joy-Con controller or Switch Pro, which is the official console for Nintendo’s popular hybrid console. This app is completely free on Google Play, Connects via bluetooth connection And it turns your smartphone screen into a Nintendo Switch console. It should be noted, yes The phone must be running Android 9 or later For the application to work, an application is currently running In the testing phase, So there may be errors.

An app that turns your smartphone into a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Also, keep in mind that there are some devices where the app may not fully function. The makers of JoyCon Droid make sure it’s the perfect app for users who own a Nintendo Switch and who I don’t want to spend more money on some Joy-Con. Among the features of the application Accelerometer and gyroscope.

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Likewise, the motion controls can be very sensitive, although the biggest problem with this app is probably the lack of buttons, especially for people who spend hours playing video games. It is imperative that you feel the button when playingBecause this way we know which button is being pressed. With the default controls, something different happens is that sometimes you have to look at the mobile screen Find out if the finger is in the right place To press one of them. However, this app is a good resource if you need more consoles in your home to enjoy multiplayer titles from Nintendo Switch, one of the current consoles.

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