This Chinese brand patented a mobile phone nailed to the iPod

Is it an iPod? No, it’s a weird portable design that vivo patented.

If you thought innovation in mobile design starts and ends with flexible screens like those on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, you’re wrong. The vast majority of manufacturers are constantly experimenting with new designs and prototypes, and many of them are quite surreal.

This is exactly the case with a recent patent from vivo, which submitted to the Chinese Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) a mobile design that more than one person knows about.

If the iPod Classic was a portable device, it would definitely look like this

Missing your 2014 iPod Classic?

According to media outlets such as Gizmochina, vivo has filed at least two new patents with two mobile phone models. On the one hand we will have this mobile “inspired by the iPod” and on the other hand a more discreet device belonging to a new series called Zen.

Regarding the mobile-iPod that interests us here, if we look at the display, it is not difficult to find a clear similarity between this new device and the iPod Classic of 2014. We will have a small screen in the upper half of the body of the device, and a control dial for the device at the bottom . This wheel also has four studs and a metal frame.

I live iPod

It is undeniable that if this became a reality, this vivo would be the most elegant device.

This is a unique proposition, given the fact that today there are hardly any smartphones with physical keyboards, let alone other controls such as the steering wheel like those on iPods.

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This Xiaomi patent is the strangest thing I’ve seen on a mobile phone

Looking at the patent in detail, we also see that this design does not include any buttons or ports, which will definitely make it a file rare notes From the mobile scene.

In any case, we must remember that the fact that the brand is filing a patent does not indicate that this mobile will see the light of day. As long as I live, don’t decide to drown, we’ll only have a fantasy, so… To continue the dream!

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