This is how it works with Immune Application and Portal and how it works

The Green Boss That is finally true. Prime Minister Mario Draghi is really there Signed the order It defines what, How to get Covit-19 green certification and how it works. National portal too Already in operation: From June 17, you will be able to download your Green Pass. How to get it? Let it be clear.

What is Green Pass

Document, issued on Paper and digital format, Provided by the National Base of the Ministry of Health and includes a QR code This allows you to verify its authenticity and validity. Boss, Free e Available in many languages (Italian, English, French or German) will facilitate Participating in public events And access to health facilities (RSA), but Movements in the National Territory And, from July 1, the movement between countriesEuropean Union and Schengen.

Green Boss: Who can get it?

Covit-19 Green Certificate is awarded to:

Vacc first day vaccine or single dose vaccine (e.g. Johnson & Johnson) for 15 days;

The vaccine has completed the course;

48 tested negative with a molecule or rapid cloth within the previous 48 hours;

Six recovered from Govt-19 infection in the previous six months.

How Green Boss Works

After recovery from vaccination or negative test or COVID-19, Green Pass is automatically issued from the national site in digital and printable form. When the certificate is available, you will receive Notification via SMS or email.

Green Pass, How to Get It: Portal, Immune Use and Health Registration

Who did you receive via text message or email? Authorization Code (AUTHCODE) For vaccination, negative test or recovery from COVID-19, you can already download the Green Certificate:

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Port by accessing the National Portal, Using digital identity (SPIT / C) or with a health card (or with an identity document if you are not registered with SSN);

By accessing your own Regional electronic health record;

ByImmune use;

Doctors with the help of doctors and pharmacists.

Covit-19 green certificates related to all vaccinations carried out from December 27, 2020 will be automatically generated by June 28.

To learn more about ways to get a Green Pass, link to the site All the procedures explained step by step can be found here.

European Green Pass for travel between EU countries

From July 1st Covit-19 Green Certificate is valid EU Digital COVID Certification e Making it more Easy access to all 27 countries of the European Union and the Schengen area (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).

The Green Pass is not a travel document, but a tool Ensures full operational freedom in the territory of the Union For everyone with a valid national certificate. Member states, by adopting the Green Pass, avoid imposing further restrictions on travel (for example, the duty of sweeping and isolating) if they are not necessary and commensurate with the protection of public health.

How long will the green last and can it be canceled?

On the next cards we will dispel some doubts about Green Pass: valid, useful numbers to call for information, how to proceed if you do not have a digital ID or National Health Card. Continue reading …

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