This is the secret we need to know about the wonderful garden plants that make us jealous of our neighbors

Taking care of the garden, and therefore its function Garden, Things to discover are always many. On the other hand, sees nature as its main protagonist we’re talking about a place, and for this reason we can not make findings may bounds. Not only about cultivated and cultivable organisms, but also about all the natural fertilizers that we can get and exploit.

Very unthinkable scraps

Not surprisingly, recently we took care of the cute haitrencakkalai, in particular, how they can help in the development of incredibly waste in the most unthinkable. We are leaving who Article for those interested. Like hydrangeas, with geraniums you can take advantage of an aromatic herb that some people know its effectiveness. Let’s see what we’re talking about.

This is the secret we need to know about the wonderful garden plants that make us jealous of our neighbors

While this may come as a surprise to many, we are talkingchives. Not everyone knows, but this very fragrant and delicious aromatic plant can be used as a natural fertilizer for geranium growth. The reason is very simple and is due to the main presence of sulfur within the structure of the chives. With garlic, in fact, placing this herb in the soil of the geranium plant will allow the latter to grow more vigorously and luxuriously. Except for being attacked and attacked by parasites.

As a result, they bloom faster and, of course, are less likely to become infected. Also, not only are the details to look out for, the chives are also very nice to look at. So, in addition to helping our garden plant varieties, we will also add an ornamental touch to the plant, which will become more beautiful and enviable.

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Here, then, is the secret to knowing about the exciting garden plant species that the neighbors will be jealous of us.

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