This new decision by Orange will not satisfy its subscribers at all

Prior to August 21, 2021, Orange subscribers could order for free Femtocell, a small accessory attached to the box to better capture the mobile network. This tool at that time was very convenient for subscribers living in areas not covered by the operator’s mobile network. But this was before.

The number 1 in the telecom sector has already announced the end of Femtocell. To justify his decision, he explained that he now covers 99% of the population with 4G and that the fund that improves 3G connectivity is not so important.

Orange advises its subscribers to choose the “Wi-Fi calling” function in their smartphones. This feature allows you to go through the Internet (ADSL or fiber) to make calls. The company explains:

Orange’s mobile network coverage is steadily improving, and the “Wi-Fi calling” feature, which is built into many mobile phones, now means that Femtocell has been phased out.

UFC- What to choose orange tackle

Orange interpretations struggle to make it to UFC-Que Choisir. The media specializing in consumer affairs explains that the isolation of Femtocell “It generates a real decline in the quality of service” for 160,000 subscribers who used it. According to the Consumers Association, Orange is not making a decision that could have serious consequences for subscribers who live in white areas or in areas with little coverage.

As for the “Apple Wi-Fi” functionality, the UFC-What to Choose raises several issues. First, “Some users deplore the fact that it doesn’t always work perfectly and tends to drain phone batteries quickly”. And to add:

Above all, to take advantage of it, the phone must have this function (…) so many Orange subscribers will have to buy a new phone if they want to take advantage of it.

The problems raised by UFC-Que Choisir are clearly not heard by Orange. The operator has already organized its own chest returns. Subscribers will receive a return voucher to return their Femtocell for recycling, even if they have not canceled the option.

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