This new online pun is driving social media crazy

you know Word ? Five letters, six articles and one word for you to discover daily. This online game is very popular on
social networks in the United States of America. “It gets you addicted,” says Susan Drobin, an American gamer who plays daily. Wordl.

“It’s great, it only takes a few minutes, and it’s a nice little distraction,” adds the 65-year-old retiree from Maryland. according to The New York TimesOn November 1, 90 people tried to find the word of the day. Two months later, on January 2, their number was over 300,000.

childish concept

The principle is childish and close to a movement (a movement !): It’s a matter of guessing the famous five-letter word, in a maximum of six attempts. Each misplaced letter appears in green, and a misplaced good character appears in yellow. For all of them, it’s about finding the same word every day.

If that fails, you have to wait until the next day. After launching it a few weeks ago, Susan Drobin has joined thousands of gamers sharing their daily scores on social media using the hashtag #Wordle, six rows of five colored rectangles showing the number of attempts they are making. I explained the riddle.

non-profit game

Privacy Word Part of it is that it was designed by computer engineer Josh Wardle not to be sold to the general public, but simply as a means of entertainment. This Briton, who lives in New York, decided not to monetize the game. “People appreciate having this thing online that is just so fun,” Josh Wardle told The New York Times. Word Don’t try to do something suspicious with your personal data.

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No ads appear on the site, but some have already taken the desire to copy the principle, making money from it. For Mikael Jacobson, Research Coordinator for Game Lab at MIT, Word It is categorized under the “amusement” games category.

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