This wallpaper for your mobile phone brings one of Dragon Ball Z’s best moments

Ginkidama in Dragon Ball

The planet Kaio was the meeting point of the Z Warriors with the protector of northern galaxies, an object of infinite wisdom that gave Goku his first powerful techniques such as Kaio-Ken or Genki-dama, a powerful ability that collects the energy of planet objects, even from the solar system to concentrate it in A large mass of energy is able to destroy powerful planets and enemies.

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Goku has to resort to this technique multiple times in order to protect Earth, and we have seen him multiple times to end the battles. It was one of those moments in the Buu saga that ended Dragon Ball Z’s adventures, And an image is saved on the retina of the viewer, which you can now have as wallpaper on your mobile phone.

I made this wallpaper for my ipad and my vertical screen using some elements from the animation! [1536 x 2048] D r / db

Mastro Roshi was one of the great guides on Goku’s roster, and a few days ago we saw how a Reddit artist dedicated this amazing tribute to him.

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