Thomas Pesquet photographed the Pilate dune from space

The French astronaut passed the controls of the International Space Station over the Pilate dunes at an altitude of 400 km

Thomas Pesquet continues to show us the world in his own way, at an altitude of 400 kilometers above sea level, from the International Space Station. The French astronaut has been aboard the International Space Station since April 2021. Since Monday, October 4, he has been the captain of ten other crew members on board. This does not prevent him from continuing to send beautiful pictures of the planet.

This Wednesday, October 20, he posted on social networks a photo of the Pilat dunes. We note, with great precision, the sandbanks that seem to extend over the Banc d’Arguin and the tip of Cap Ferret, but also the passes that allow navigation and entry into the Arcachon Basin, and the vast forest bordering the coast from the south.

Thomas Bisquet had already passed over the famous sand dunes, the highest in Europe. Geological curiosity is immortalized from another angle end of May 2017.

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