Three hundred years of virtual reality history to be discovered in Liege

An exhibition that takes you into the past, present and future of virtual reality is what Hollloh has to offer in Liege for another week. It’s even called “300 years of virtual reality history”. Because yes, VR is old.

300 years ago, we took people to put them in pseudo 360-degree groups rooms, and ushered them into another world. As you progress through the exhibition, it is truly a journey through time. We’ll start from the beginning and move forward with boards, equipment, and experiments. We go very quickly to the fifties. We can see the first trials, the sansama, the telefrats, the first helmets that looked more like instruments of torture. We come to the first NASA experiments in the ’70s to the ’90s, and then we have the games that arrived ‘,” explains Christoph Hermanns, Director of Vigo Universal Holloh.

The exhibition also explores the future of virtual reality: We put you a backpack, we put you a helmet, and you’ll move. People know very little about virtual reality as they move around an area of ​​three by three metres. We are talking here about moving over areas of several hundred square metres “, Determines.

A floor has also been dedicated to old virtual reality headsets: “ We took old helmets and old models that we put in the windows upstairs to show the history of VR glasses. There’s in particular the nostalgic aspect of watching the Masters, the little slides that we put in a helmet, capture and project in a hologram. Visitors can test it here ”, adds Christoph Hermanns. More modern helmets can be seen, including one with 8K resolution.

The gallery can be visited for another week, Wednesday through Friday from noon to 6 pm and on weekends from 10 to 6 pm at the Pôle Image in Liege. Booking through the website is highly recommended (with 3 liters).

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