Three young entrepreneurs from the local mission of L’Aigle receive a computer

The local mission supports young entrepreneurs

The creators group from mission location de L’Aigle (Orne) supports about sixty young people who want to go on a journey Project Dr’leading businesses. help them Develop and to determine Ideas In order to prepare them in the best possible way. Laurent Torrens, Creators Group Advisor to Youth They carried out with them “all the work in the preamble. Once the project is well defined, they can submit it to structures such as the Normandy Initiative in order to apply for certain funding”.

months of preparation

De Beck Ham Street was installed in buildings provided by the city, Marin Enos, Rachel Lamedy and Axel Pearson Develop Their project has been with the Creators Group for several months. From now on, Groupement no longer supports them, their projects are ready to be submitted to structure regional, Normandy Initiative Who will rate Quality and the survival of their projects before being awarded Finance.

“pivotal moment”

Three young people business men They gathered on Wednesday 25 November so that the local mission can give them a the computer all. The machines made byFACE ASSOCIATION (Action Against Exclusion) will allow them to work More about their projects.

Computers are more convenient to work, and I can’t create schedules on my phone, for example when you have to create a budget for preparing your project

Marine Enos Do you want to open vaccination

This precious and timely gift. “We’re at a pivotal moment, we’re about to open,” says Rachelle Lamidey, who is about to open a beauty salon.

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