TikTok: Fire TV app launches in Germany

The TikTok social network is thriving with colorful and diverse video content that most of the users enjoy using their smartphones. Android TV owners know since the beginning of 2021 that short clips have also provided good character on the big screen. In February, TikTok released a full version of its app for Google’s Smart TV operating system. Now the company is stepping up and targeting Amazon’s Fire TV. If you’re interested, download the app “for free” from the online retailer’s official app store.TikTok for TVIt works on all devices in the Fire TV series and offers the same functionality that you are used to from the TikTok smartphone app. Currently, the app is only available in Germany, France and Great Britain. However, on Amazon it is already #1 in the download charts for free apps ( As of July 13, 2021).

Not the first TikTok app for Fire TV

TikTok already released an app for Fire TV devices in August 2020. The “More on TikTok” app offered only a very limited set of functions and disappointed users with a simple reversal of the TikTok YouTube channel. The actual TikTok posts were not accessible. That changes with the new app, which doesn’t compromise the content of the mobile version and gives diehard users all the options they know from the service. You can view posts either via the For You feed or on your personal Follow page. Under the “Discover” menu item, you’ll also find a dedicated collection of new videos arranged according to content, authors and categories. You don’t need any special hardware to use the app, a traditional Fire TV remote is enough. The software needs 30.1 megabytes of free space on your Fire TV device.

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