Tips to earn personalized in-game coupons


everybody pubg mobile where BMI The player at least once wants to unlock an exclusive character in the game regardless of the default and popular character set Victor Character. Each character comes with unique voice streaks, voiceovers, and outfits that only that character can wear. Some players often miss their chance to redeem such characters because they often don’t know how to do it and they miss the in-game ads. This article will cover the basic ways to claim character vouchers in PUBG Mobile or BGMI and how they work.

Character set is usually unlockable with paid support, i.e. by spending UC. But on some occasions, characters can also be unlocked by spending character vouchers to get the desired character. Each personal voucher equals 1 CU Within the game, a number of character coupons matching UC requirements can therefore be used.


Character vouchers were previously available in the game at certain times whenever a new character was released, such as KarlAnd the SarahAnd the I. Coupons can be collected by completing some specific tasks in the game. Missions vary widely, from killing missions to travel distances and vehicle missions.

It can also be obtained by logging into the game, where every day the player can claim a predetermined number of coupons from the events tab. Once claimed, coupons do not expire and can be used at any time to redeem a character provided you meet the required character receipt tag.


Apart from knowing how to obtain the desired character, it is also necessary for the player to keep abreast of developments and advertisements within the game in order to take advantage of the events for which the above-mentioned coupons are available. keep playing and have fun

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