To attract seasonal workers, this Concarneau restaurant owner invested in a mobile home – Concarneau

“For two years, it’s starting to be a problem. And this year, it’s even healthier.” Like many restaurants, Josick Le Noc struggles to find seasonal workers. Since 1999, Riécois has held “Ty Krampouez” every summer, a small restaurant located a stone’s throw from the Carré des Larrons in Ville Close. And every summer, the same puzzle: How do you find seasonal workers in time? “Because the locals who wanted to work here are gone,” he sighs.

In July and August, he nevertheless managed to find the necessary weapons. A little relief, but it wasn’t easy. His wife, Florence, even had to “give up” her pottery shop, in order to help her run the restaurant in June, before reinforcements arrived.

To find his cook, Josick decides to do so in advance: “I posted a job offer last October…for this summer! »He knows. In Concarneau, the restaurateur knows there are many brakes. Starting with lack of housing for workers.

Faced with these difficulties, the man decided to “fight back.” his idea? Purchase of a mobile home at the Aurore Mill camp site, in Concarneau. “A profitable investment”, because for several weeks he finally found the man of Providence, in the person of Thomas Florett.

During Covid, people have taken the opportunity to change jobs. True, it is a restricted profession.

With other workers in the camp

The latter arrived at the end of May, he came from Amiens (80 years old) to stand behind the stove. “I’ve been doing seasons for 17 years and have never been to Brittany before,” he says. Spend the whole summer in a mobile home? No problem in your 30s. “It’s only three months in the life, that’s nothing. And here, it’s so fun, quiet and just a few steps from the sea,” explains Thomas, who also benefits from covering part of his expenses.

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For Josick Le Noc, this housing solution was the right one. “Without it, in my opinion, I will not have a cook yet,” thinks the manager, who plans to “buy a larger caravan for two people.”

Difficulties exacerbated by the crisis

According to the restaurateur, the health crisis would have accelerated these staffing problems. “During Covid, people have taken the opportunity to change jobs. He honestly admits that it is a restricted profession.

The guide with Thomas. He says: This season in Concarneau will be his last. He, too, was deprived of various restrictions: “I lost a lot of money with the crisis …”. The Amiens and the father of a two-year-old girl have separated, and are looking to settle down. In the fall, he will return home with the project of opening his bakery in mind. “I prefer to get up at four in the morning but I have afternoon time for my little boy,” he says. For Josick, it will be necessary to find a new chef next year.

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