Tomb Raider: The cover of the first game of 1996 has been revisited for 25 years and is perfect for wallpaper

Such as vampire And the PokemonAnd the Tomb rider He turns 25 this yearAnd and Crystal dynamics Several initiatives are planning to celebrate it. It doesn’t look like big game announcements are scheduled at this time, even ifIt was confirmed that a new episode is under developmentBut from the community and the fans’ side, there will be something fun.

Tomb Raider 1996 Dust Jacket Cover Revisited Art Brenoch wallpaper background

a Special site This memory has just been launched, and it allows us to appreciate the initiation of an original initiative. Crystal dynamics Share with many artists Recreate the covers for the main parts of the sagaIn 2021, we’ll discover one creation every month. The celebrations begin 1996 Tomb Raider cover, reworked by Brenoch Adams, The company’s current technical director in office for 12 years and 6 games. The Lara Croft The front with noticeable angles gives way to the heroine from the back and it’s always very classy, ​​for a perfect look Wall paper : Furthermore it, You can Download different image formats To make wallpapersOr even a new cover for the game at the time.

The original Tomb Raider Box visual is iconic and unforgettable for the many who took inspiration from this historical gaming experience when it was released in 1996. My style of illustration redesign was to update the image, but not to move in a completely different direction.

This pose revolves around reflexes and asymmetry, which puts Lara in the center of the frame as the original visual intended. Adventure and valiant courage are an important part of the overall picture, and the addition of some of the game’s most famous enemies seemed a good fit.

Lara’s wardrobe has been updated to be functional and appropriate while maintaining the timeless look of the original outfit. So far, after nearly 10 years of working on Tomb Raider games, I am intrigued by Lara Croft’s story and her inspiring adventures.

Tomb Raider 1996 Dust Jacket Cover Art Brenoch (3)

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