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The warm season has come, and with its temperate climate, the desire to spend time in the fresh air, perhaps surrounded by greenery, appears spontaneously. Amazon He knows this and has decided to help you choose the tools to take with you by making a list of items among the best products for your home. Let’s find out together!


EBooks It contains everything you need for a full workout at home and outdoors. It allows you to train the entire body, but it also allows you to customize your training, working on the only part of the body that is required. This set consists of a 9-in-1 push-up board, rope, five resistance bands, and a handy gym bag to carry everything. Plus, the foldable table allows you to close it easily and store it where you need it most, which saves space. YayBox is the mobile solution for outdoor sports.

YayBox su

Sun cream powder with flowers

When you’re spending the day at the beach or simply outdoors, don’t forget sunscreen. The risk of getting sunburn is high and therefore it is important to protect your skin. Powder flowers He has studied a high protection sunscreen that eliminates the possibility of getting burns. Perfect for the face and body for the whole family, it contains natural ingredients and ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. The skin will be hydrated and strengthened after just one application. In fact, Fiori di Cipria sunscreen is easy to apply, absorbs easily and protects for a long time.

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Sun cream on

Ray Ban 4259

Ray-Ban She protects the eyes of her clients, as she designs various tires that cater to all tastes. Injected square sunglasses are simple, light and have special tinted glasses. Unisex and suitable for all day wear, it completes your look with a casual look. Plus, when evening falls or is no longer needed, it can easily be stored in the tough bag. Ray-Ban allows you to choose from a wide range of frames and lenses in multiple colors, enabling you to choose the glasses that suit your tastes.

Ray Ban: 4259 su

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Amazon Basics – Coperta da picnic

Line Amazon Basics Design a blanket that allows it to be used on any wet surface thanks to the waterproof back. This blanket can be moved easily thanks to the ergonomic re-sealable handle, allowing you to enjoy your lunch on the lawn, poolside or by the sea. In fact, it is made of polyester, with sponge padding and aluminum coating, it is water and sand repellent. The Amazon Basics blanket is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye thanks to its playful and colorful pattern.

Picnic blanket on

BeMaxx Asciugamani Group

The perfect companion for your picnics or for an outdoor exercise is this Microfiber towel set designed by him BeMaxx. This set consists of a bath towel with a suitable zip pocket, where you can store your small personal items, and a small face towel, and this set is easy to carry thanks to its practical bag. These BeMaxx towels are soft, gentle on the skin, and super absorbent, making them a comfortable choice for any possibility.

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Set of 2 towels on

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