Tools in Naples for vaccinated students

The trick starts from Napoli 3 Sud and in particular from the person in charge of vaccinations in the ASL schools Pierluigi Pecoraro, who thought carefully, to entice the children to get the vaccine, and to give high-tech gifts completely free of charge in view of the resumption of studies. Activities, scheduled for 15 September in Campania.

The Head of Vaccinations at ASL Schools, who together with General Director Gennaro Sosto wanted to provide greater attraction and motivation during the two open days of Sunday 5 and Sunday 12 September, when 35 vaccination points from 8 to 20 will be open to students and school staff, no reservations required.

On that occasion, boys aged 12-17 who will receive their first dose, along with a certificate of successful administration, will receive a gift: ranging from canvas backpacks to magnets to highlighters, and gadgets that can also represent Anniversary of vaccination occurred.

“We did nothing – says Pecoraro – other than to take the materials that had already been made available and delivered in schools to the pupils we met in the Good Nutrition and Obesity initiatives. A down payment for these, taking advantage of the remaining resources that were spent during the year, we bought things that could It fascinates children’s imaginations and may invigorate profitable word of mouth.”

The most tempting option has been bluetooth headphones that, while stocks last, will be delivered to the under-18s who will line up on Sunday to receive their first dose.

“This initiative is part of those being promoted to encourage children and their parents to get vaccinated against Covid, initiatives that I believe are paying off. Fact: If the percentage of 12-17 year olds with ASL who received their first dose in the last week is 20% Only, today the number has risen to 40%. We hope that the momentum will now come from these new activities.”

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And if the end justifies the means, the means available this time to reach the end seem effective, but the fear of the vaccine can be more than the tool.

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