Trail Out: The racing game inspired by FlatOut and Burnout reveals its gameplay with video! | Xbox One

IGN Expo has been an opportunity to lift the veil on many games and you can also find our brief article at this address. Among these games, Trail Out stood out in particular, and the least we can say is that the success of Wreckfest has given some insights to the studios.

Trail Out comes out of the shadows

Although the game was announced for several months, it provided a nice highlight during the IGN event by revealing a supercharged gameplay trailer. The game is very similar to the first FlatOut and offers, for example, other long jump and bowling events along with racing and derby.

You will find the trailer below as well as all the details regarding the content of the game. It will have a split screen mode that will delight fans of local multiplayer.

Trail Out is set for 2023 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC and will also be playable on Xbox Series X | S and PS5. A free demo is already available on Steam.

Trail Out Content:

  • 35 cars, different classes, different years, different conditions.
  • 35 different locations, from damaged big city arenas, to derby arenas, to dangerous cross paths.
  • 7 different modes, from racing to derby to crazy stunts.
  • Collect cars from scratch in the junkyard and upgrade them to perfection. Fan system, get it to achieve different victories and fan fantasies.

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