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Posted in December. 2021 at 11:06Updated Dec 2, 2019 2021 at 11:27

Deceive! Since last July, the city of architecture in Paris has been offering its visitors an extraordinary experience. Equipped with a VR headset and a laptop as a backpack, anyone can dive in no time In the heart of Lascaux cave. Or at least in what the Gypsum Architectural Reproduction Museum and its partner, Dassault Systèmes, define as their “digital twin”.

The experience couldn’t be more real. The moulds, calcite, and a layer of green algae that can be clearly seen on the walls give the impression of being 20 meters underground. But, in addition, everything is on a scale of 1. “There is perfect consistency between what your body perceives and what your brain perceives,” Mahdi Al-Tayoubi, vice president of strategy and innovation at the 3D software publisher, confirms. Perfect for a drift and a full appreciation of one of the most beautiful prehistoric art testimonies. The arches, horses, deer and other caribou painted on the cave walls and ceiling are strikingly beautiful.

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