Tribeca Immersive returns with no less than 20 XR acts in June

Looming on the horizon is the 2022 Tribeca Immersive edition with more than 20 XR works. This is expected next month. The immersive collection will be shown in parallel with the Tribeca Festival.

Film festivals are now important events for artists who specialize in immersive experiences. It allows them to present their latest XR work. This is the case for Tribeca Immersive.

Recently, the Tribeca Festival just revealed its official immersive pick, which will premiere in June. Specifically, the exhibition will run from June 10-19, thus paralleling the Tribeca Festival itself, which will take place from June 8-19. It will be held in various locations in New York.

Of course, people with headphones PCVR You don’t have to be physically present to enjoy it. They will just have to download the free app Museum of Other Facts Treat yourself to an online ticket for $20 when you start the XR.

Tribeca Immersive: What are the 20 expected XR businesses?

20 of the XR works expected in the 2022 Tribeca Immersive are by artists from around the world. they use the Virtual Reality and augmented reality, and most of them will allow an extension Audience Participation. The immersive show will be divided into three categories, the main competition, new sounds, and the best of the season.

In the first category, we’ll find the works of XR Evolver, Kubo Walks the City, Intravene, Mushroom Cloud NYC / RISE, and Lost Pictures: Episodes 3 – 5. There will also be ReachYou, Please believe me And Zanzibar: Trouble in Heaven. In the New Voices category, there will be Emerging Brilliance: Honoring Nikkei Farmers in Bellevue, LGBTQ+VR Museum and Iago: The Green Eyed Monster.

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Other books include Black Motion Library – Motion Pictures, Muskform Hill: The Lost Five and Limpotopia. This is not a party, Plastisapiens and Planet City VR It will also be a part of it. Finally, in the last category, the best season, we will find the end of the night, the container and the look, not forgetting the exhibition A.

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