Tribes of Midgard – A game on the way to Xbox?

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While it’s already been available for several months on PC and PlayStation, it looks like Tribes of Midgard will be announced soon for Microsoft consoles.

Do we still need to introduce the Midgard Tribes? We first told you about it during the AG French Direct in March 2021 and then at the State of Play in July 2021. Game Norseville Games It takes you to the gates of the end of the world. Set in worlds filled with dark creatures, hidden deities, and abundant items to discover, you play as a Viking who lives in a village that is the home of a seedYggdrasil, The last stronghold protecting the gods of other kingdoms. And if we want to believeESRBthe American rating organization, you will soon be able to defeat these giants on Xbox.

Midgard Tribes preview on ESRB

ESB announces new media loud and clear for Midgard Tribes. look at me game cardNow we can discover that the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S backed by now appear there. You can even see the name of the Nintendo console next to it. Without more information at the moment, we can let ourselves be dreaming of seeing the game come out in the coming months. In fact, it is common for an exit to occur in the coming weeks or months after a record appears on the ESRB.

The game, which aims to be multiplayer for up to 10 people, is still going on with its life on Sony media. Indeed, the second season began last December and is called “The Serpent Epic”. For your part, have you tried Midgard Tribes ? Does the latter interest you now that it’s out of the Sony world? We let you speak in the comments! And if you want to discuss it with your friends directly, you can always do so on our various social networks FBAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram Or join our channel discord.

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