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Benno Neumier in front of his house (Photo: Screen-Chi l’ha visto?)

he isute will be in Bolzano court He provided the court’s opinion on the data carriers owned by Pino Neumier.

To preserve evidence in Laura’s murder case Perceli/ Peter Neumier has an accurate timeline, Up to 20. The program may complete. The first thing today Letiano Bixin, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bologna, presenting his results.

Bixin It was Judge Carla in mid-February Sheidel Received the order to copy and analyze all the seized electronic data carriers from Benno Neumair, who has now acknowledged. So his cell phone, his computer and many USB devices.

Surveys Piccins It can provide very important information to clarify the issue. For example Noemir’s search inquiries, from which it can be inferred whether the killing of his parents was planned or not. The attorney general’s office is currently assuming the planning and preparation for the double murder, and Newmire himself spoke of motivating actions in his confession.

The IT expert will present the findings of his report this morning at a regional court hearing, For A hearing of defense experts and other parties to the proceedings is scheduled for this afternoon.

Already after Easter, on the eighth of AprilAnd It is said to be the first part of Emiliano’s genetic report Giardina Are present. He was set to be the first in the house Runkelsteinstraße 22 and traces found in the Volvo V40. More DNA checks need to be done Giardina Present on April 29 and May 20.

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