Turn a van into an aircraft (or vice versa)

A cop is bored, so he came up with an idea for something like a video game or sci-fi movie. Here is the first plane that flew, flew but never took off. How was the vehicle born?

How many times have you played video games like Grand Theft Auto and used tricks to make it appear? A good flight On the highway in front of you to go fast around the map? Well, know that in real life someone has done it, there are no tricks here, with a lot of patience and great initiative.

Jeff Bloch and his plane (car and driver)

If you are confused, you can go straight to the facts and answer the original question, yes, it is possible to fly a plane on the road. At least one American policeman must have thought so Name that Jeff Bloch The creator of the most unusual car – how else to define it? – It can still move without problems even on the road and track, we will see soon.

Man must think that he was able to put together these incredible “four wheels”. On a very tight budget: For $ 8,000, you can buy a nice used car but definitely not an airplane. Jeff was able to get his hands on a plane Cessna310 Built in 1956, it is now rusting and abandoned by its previous owner. With little money paid for the flight, Blasch moved on to the second phase of his project.

Very fast it flies in seconds

Somehow, with extraordinary undeniable engineering prowess, the policeman attached Cessna’s chassis to the hull of a van. Toyota Master Ace, The most popular minivan in Asia and the US, which is not overpriced. In the middle It turned out to be perfect To build the fastest non-flying aircraft ever seen in the world.

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The so-called Spirit of Lemons aims to dust off the competition (car and driver)

The American newspaper was interested in Bloch’s plan to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mons – you’re not mistaken, this is an amateur competition taking place in the United States. Car and driver That Gradually documented The construction of Spirit of Lemons is an avid car-aircraft hybrid that can not only compete openly on the track but also roam the streets legally.

In This video You can see the spirit active under the incredible eyes of passersby, bystanders and bystanders. In all, it took Jeff and the team that helped him create his work about six months. Can you do better? Let us know!

Veronica Tucker

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