Twitch will soon be a whole lot different on mobile

This weekend Twitch organized the popular European TwitchCon conference. After leaving Paris last year, the event was held in Rotterdam. For two days, visitors were able to meet the most popular steamships on the continent, were able to participate in workshops, and even participate in numerous conferences and shows of all kinds. However, Dan Clancy, the company's CEO, was introduced during the opening ceremony Some exciting ads.

Among them, Overhaul of the Twitch mobile app. So far, the mobile version of the platform has offered the same design and the same capabilities (but lower quality) as the desktop version or PC app. Navigation is ideal if you know who you want to watch, but much less so if you want to discover new talent. For this reason Twitch will soon get a brand new format, similar to TikTok.

The company explains that this idea came from a simple and unambiguous observation: 70% of new users use their smartphones Or a tablet to watch live streams on Twitch. That's why it's important to adapt to this audience by offering a simple and effective way to start any broadcast. Although it won't be rolled out for several months, TwitchCon visitors were able to get a glimpse of its first features.

TikTok Twitch

Once the app is opened, users are greeted with a live stream. Now all it takes is a simple swipe gesture to move on to the next one, until the stock runs out (spoiler: that’s impossible). The pre-recommended streams are based on your preferences, the games you follow, the channels you play, or even the topics in your personal life. So this redesign is the perfect way to find new characters with a simple swipe, without having to search through categories or a nickname. To actively participate in a live stream, all you have to do is tap on it.

The channels you follow will also be easily accessible, but users will have access to a whole new world at their fingertips. This will increase the visibility of all streamers, and can Bringing its share of cyber harassment along the wayWhen asked about this, Rachel Delphine, Marketing Director, confirmed that the usual tools will still be in place and that this will prevent the spread of toxic behavior.

However, we must remember that not all humble content creators are equipped with moderators, and they may have problems with all this new influx of people, as is also the case on TikTok. No one is anonymous and you must always have an account to post any comment. It remains to be seen how this will behave once the app is finally in hand.

Redesigned mobile experience

Secondly, Twitch will also do this Update your stories Coming soon. It’s a major new mobile feature. It allows streamers to share 60-second videos directly with their community, even when they’re not live. Partners have already been able to use this feature since June 24th and Affiliates will have access to it during the summer.Stories will also be available on the web version of Twitch, but we don't have a availability date for that at this time.

Finally, Twitch wants to simplify the process of creating streams, by improving the process of finding streamers. The goal is to be able to automatically create portrait and landscape versions of clips. This enhancement allows broadcasters to edit, title, record and publish clips in one step. The vertical-format clips are designed specifically for viewing on mobile media, such as the Discovery feed, and will soon be visible on the channel's mobile page.

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