Twitter launched a privacy game to teach users how to manage their experience on the social network

Twitter Data Dash game on platform privacy policies

Twitter Data Dash game on platform privacy policies. – Official Twitter

PARIS, May 13 (Benin News/EP) –

Twitter It will be implemented as of June Privacy Policies And to help users understand these rules, I developed a game where they can learn to control their experience on the social network.

Twitter Data Dash puts the user in private city, Where should a dog named Datos lGet to the park safely. He intends to educate users about the platform’s privacy policies because, he points out, “It can be difficult to navigate the Twitterverse if you don’t know your way around.”

In the game, the user must eSquivar Ads From cats’ swimming in it “Bahr” of direct messages even Fight trolls. The goal is to learn to “control” your own Twitter experience.

The game reacts to a change in Privacy Policies which will take effect on June 10. This you get New formulation to make it easier for users to understand What it means to be a public platform, what data it collects and how it is used, and the controls that make up the experience, among other things.

The game is browser-based, free and available In nine languages, including Spanish. The Company guarantees that it does not collect data from users who choose to participate.

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