Unsolicited SMS continues to spread: wrong packet link infects smartphones

“Your package has been sent” – An SMS with a link and a lock message: This is a scam that is currently being used to infect a large number of smartphones with malware. The police in Bavaria made a desperate plea to users.

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Munich police are again warning of a dangerous wave of spam is currently reaching cell phone users via SMS. The message contains a link that criminals can use to install malware on a mobile phone once the victim clicks on it. “Lots of people continue to receive this SMS or something like this,” Munich police wrote on Twitter. “Please explain your surroundings.”

Attackers use the wrong package notification as a lure. The message reads “Your package has been sent. Please review and agree.” This is followed by a link to the end “duckdns.org”. If the cell phone owner clicks on the presumed confirmation link, then the malware will be downloaded and installed on the cell phone.

Already at the end of January, the LKA in Bavaria warned about the scam, and other federal states reported similar cases. Despite all the warnings, the spam wave hasn’t stopped yet.

What does malware do on cell phone?

LKA Rhineland-Palatinate announced in February that “this malware redirects sensitive data unnoticed, spies on an infected party’s contact list, and then independently sends SMS messages containing the malware to various phone numbers, potentially incurring costs. Additional “. In one case, a Mainz woman was said to have sustained three-digit damage.

On the hotline of A.Emergency cases From the Bavarian Criminal Police Office (LKA) he received numerous calls from people injured or worried in early February that there were longer waiting times, a spokeswoman said Thursday. “We currently have a problem that a lot of people call outside of Bavaria.” That is why LKA has now announced via Twitter and Facebook that the hotline is only responsible for those affected by Bavaria. An increasing number of people receiving SMS also reported to police headquarters offices in southern Upper Bavaria.

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It is clear that the situation did not calm down at the beginning of April. Therefore, Munich Police is again asking users to use I.Emergency call You should only choose if you’ve already clicked on the malicious link.

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