Unusual: Twitch Gaming cuts Metallica audio after BlizzConline

The Blizzon It is always a big event for fansAnd the Blizzard He organizes a regular concert, Metallica He was on stage in 2014. this year BlizzConline Done Only via the internet, But the studio kept its good habits, with a slight mix of DJ Kristian “Hodor” Nairn (Big fan of D. Gorgeous) Before the opening ceremony, and Squad comeback metal, One address time After the conclusion.

The event was apparently broadcast on many of the broadcast services, including the channel Twitch games From the platformAmazon. And here after that Some notes from Whose bells ring, The music has been replaced by a royalty-free clip ! Awesome sequence immortalized YoutubeWhich made the onlookers laugh a lot. But why is that Twitch games Are you mute Metallica ? Well, the platform has been fighting for a few months now against unfree music, and To avoid a complaint with DMCA, She chose to replace Whose bells ring By popular music in 8 bits, With the four musicians left in the picture, for the cult sequence already.

This clearly shows the concerns he raises DMCA On broadcast platforms like Twitch, But the fact is that Metallica Either at the heart of the case, it entertains the fans, who remember that the group has fought for so long against illegal piracy and Napster More than 20 years ago. To listen quietly Whose bells ring, You can find the album CD Lightning ride to me 7 euros for Amazon.

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