Upcoming updates are leaked and promise to be inevitable

For more than a yearAnimal Crossing: New Horizons It was released on the Nintendo Switch. Even though his first candle was blown away, Nintendo’s flagship game struggles to reassure big license players. And with good reason, some features are still missing. But don’t worry, upcoming updates to the game seem to have leaked, leaving an inescapable hookup.

A mess of novelties

distance Material update for April 28thAnd the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hint at some interesting newcomers. Some data makers took this opportunity to insert their noses into game files to determine the next additions to come. Updates that promise to be essential, especially because it looks like coffee is finally back. Clues to the reopening of the cafe is a mysterious line of code: “cCafe”. The entrance to the cafe and the camera settings inside the venue were also mentioned.

Really, this is not a surprise to anyone. Robusto, the owner, is already mentioned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, And his files are already there. But the parameters of the data are clear, its files have been simplified after a recent update. As I searched further, those curious tech-savvy people realized that a new level would be added to the museum. A proposed improvement for a new gallery or simply the creation of a famous coffee shop. This is where Le Perchoir, the Robusto café, was installed Animal Crossing: A Wild World And the Animal Crossing: Let’s go to town.

But the additions don’t stop there. In addition to new seasonal items planned for the occasion, personalization seems to have to do with the fences. At first glance, it is possible to change their color and size as well. Obviously, this information should be taken with caution. It is not said that these developments will come anytime soon. Like the Robusto files, which have been in the game since its inception, it could be added for use later, in the near future.

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Anyway, we have to wait until Nintendo Speak out to confirm or deny these Information to find out. Toward a big update marking Nintendo Direct in June marking E3? Maybe. But until then, we have to be patient. However, prof Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 comes to the fore sooner than expected.

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