Uri. The City of Andales launched its mobile app

The Ville des Andelys (Eure) mobile app is available for download in the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. (© neutral)

It took several months to master it. But here he is. mobile app” Andalusia City »(oriIt’s been downloadable for a few days now onwards Google Play Store as well as onApp Store.

During his official presentation, the Mayor of Andalusia, Frédéric Duchy, spoke of the “citizen app, where we try to be as close as possible to Andalusians and their news.”

scalable tool

This free and ad-free app is set to evolve over time to continually adapt to users’ needs as much as possible.

Even if it is already available, the titles still need to be expanded and improved updates of all the information.

When you open the Ville des Andelys app on your mobile phone, Château-Gaillard appears before giving way to the home page.

This includes nine sections: News, Agenda, Family Portal, Environmental Citizen Report, Guide, Kiosk, Business, Idea Box, and Contact – Tables.

In the dropdown menu, at the top left, users will be able to find the word of the mayor, the list of elected officials of the municipality, the history of the city, as well as practical information related to the recycling center and any surveys carried out by the municipality.

Videos: Currently in Actu

Links point to the website, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

Enhance interaction

This new communication tool is intended to complement the existing media (website, social networks or light board).

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One of the main objectives of this application is to enhance interaction with citizens.

Another of its functions is to send alerts in the form of notifications to draw attention to important events such as bad weather alert, dead end, health crisis, demo or news.

These means of communication can only receive special thanks for the ease of use, the reliability of the information provided by both the municipality and the citizens and the speed of corrective actions that will be concretely implemented after the feedback from Andelysians.

Of course, in the beginning, everyone will have to act as a defender of the angels (as opposed to the advocate of the devil) and thus contribute to the improvement of the “Ville des Andelys” mobile application in a spirit of progress.

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