Usbek & Rica – Tourism of the Future: Do you work less to get more travel?

In such a context, it is hard to doubt that the recent revolution in remote work will not, in turn, reinvent our travel habits. While telecommuting did not matter to more than 5% of workers before the health crisis, it was introduced in 2020 by One in three French people. « Since we can now work and live anywhere, we want to have fun anywhere, Fabian Paraty analysis. Co-founder and CEO, Emissive, for 15 years has supported cultural organizations and brands that want to unite their audiences around cultural experiences in VR / AR. ” It is now possible to bring a cultural discovery to our doors and turn it into local entertainment. The crisis is an accelerating factor in thinking about ways to adapt to change, and new technologies will be able to make tourism and cultural industries develop in this direction. “

The opposite is also possible: instead of importing the tourism discovery into your workplace, you can also export the work to your tourism site. According to a recent survey View method54% of French employees also believe that telecommuting makes it possible to increase the length of their weekends and holidays, and to the extent that it is considered that it allows additional tourism activity. ” Heavily dependent on tourism, more and more destinations are seeking to offer solutions for long-term remote workers. Cyril Blanchett confirms. Right in the central Caribbean, Barbados has issued an entry visa to foreigners to allow them to come and work from home for a year. The same shows in Bermuda with Work From Bermuda, in the Cayman Islands with the Global Citizen Concierge program, in Dubai with its Virtual Work Program, but also in Costa Rica, Mexico and Mauritius.

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