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In June we already heard about sandbox adventure Grow: The Evertree Song Reports developed by Prideful Sloth. Color simulation has now been announced 16. November NS Nintendo Switchand PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for PC via Steam. One commercial copy must in February 2022 Follow and already now you can apply for access to
closed beta to sign up.

The great Evertree, who hung many myriad worlds on its branches, was now just a seedling, its splendor found only in memories. Nobody at Alaria knows how to bring it back to life, but that’s where it comes in. As one of the last alchemists in Everheart, you can hear the singing of the sun and understand the language of rain. Hence you have been chosen to take care of Evertree. A living world awaits you that moves at your own pace. Explore plants and animals, meet new people, explore caves, solve puzzles and collect minerals, fish, flowers and insects. With your alchemy skills, you can create seeds for a new world and thus create new worlds that you have to take care of. In addition, you can build the city of your dreams so that each of your residents will feel comfortable.

Do you like the fairytale style of Grow: Song of the Evertree?

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