Vaccines and fake green passes, telegraph channels captured – Chronicle

Fake vaccines and green passes sell for a hundred to 130 euros in the dark web. It was discovered by Cardia de Finanza’s special privacy protection and technology fraud unit, which captured 10 telegram channels through which products were sold and thousands of users had already registered. Coordinated by Milan Eugenio Pusco’s deputy lawyer and attorneys Bianca Maria Baz Magario and Mora Ribamondi, the investigation was able to identify telegram channels using real-time surveillance of the web and a series of innovative technological tools. .

Channels refer to anonymous accounts at specific intervals in the dark web so that they can contact the sellers and proceed with the purchase. Payments had to be made in cryptocurrencies, and customers were provided with packages that included anonymous warranty, shipping detection, refrigerated packaging, and certificate of vaccine administration.

Vaccine identification data, QR code, number that distinguishes the appearance of the first and second dose of the vaccine, were found to be green passes for sale. According to the vendors, the certificates were issued outside the EU and especially in the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland.

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