Valheim multiplayer is not a P2P

Viking Valheim has been a hit since its launch a month ago – it attracts a large number of players on Steam and has sold millions of copies since its launch. However, one of the constant problems players face is delays in team play. The developers said they are working on the issue, but the one thing that hasn’t happened because of it is a peer-to-peer multiplayer system.

Some Valheim players have speculated that the lag they experienced in Valheim’s collaboration is caused by P2P multiplayer networks, but developer Iron Gate AB says it’s not the case: all transfers of data while playing Valheim’s multiplayer game take place between servers and clients, from client to customer.

to me Steam Forum Comment For Valheim, developer Richard explains that while servers track the whereabouts of players around the world, some of the direct things you see around you in the game are handled by your customer – that should be the case, given that Valheim’s worlds are built in terms of action. If you ever hosted a game, your computer would handle game logic for things like animals, fallen trees, or world generation. It gets more complicated when you are joined by another player entering your area.

When that happens, your PC will continue to handle game logic. Richard says, “This system allows us to do a lot of heavy duty physics from the client side, without overloading the servers. The problem is that the system is“ very sensitive to any player who has a bad connection. ”In the example above, if you are controlling Valheim’s instance in the session Your collaborative and you have a high ping server, your cooperative partner will surely encounter lag as well, no matter how fast they connect to the server.

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Richard wrote, “I have some ideas on how to improve the system, but fixing it is very complicated.”

While the Iron Gate raises this, we will be content to preserve the house, similar to the Vikings. Choose a new technology with our Valheim Builder guide, which will give you everything you need to know to start assembling the perfect Scandinavian castle.

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