VALORANT Champions 2021: Official music video before the tournament begins

Ahead of the start of VALORANT Champions 2021, Riot Games has once again demonstrated how well its content mechanism is working. The official music video for the tournament is here. Source: Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions 2021 will take place from December 1 to December 12, 2021. This is where the best teams in the world gather to select the VALORANT International Champion and of course to play their part in the $1 million prize pool. The winner alone can look forward to the $350,000, while the second-placed team can still take $150,000 with them.

A total of 16 teams, divided into four groups, are part of the game. The special thing for German esports fans VALORANT: the tournament will take place offline in Berlin. In the first week, the group stage will be held in the double elimination format, then on the eighth of December the qualifiers will begin with the quarter-final pairs in the single elimination format. As in the group stage, all matches, except for the Grand Final, are played in the top 3 matches. The final match will be played in the top 5 players.

Groups at a glance

Group A

  1. Acend
  2. team envy
  3. X10 CRIT
  4. Kid Stars

group b

  1. guards
  2. KRÜ Sports
  3. liquid team
  4. Foria Sports

group c

  1. maneuvering sport
  2. Vikings team
  3. Team Secret
  4. crazy raccoon

group d

  1. Vision attackers
  2. your fanatic
  3. feeling full
  4. Cloud9 blue

The opening match of the VALORANT Champions 2021 begins on December 1 at 3pm and it’s called Vision Strikers vs. FULL SENSE.

Die For You ft. Grabbitz // Official Music Video // VALORANT Champions 2021

To get in the mood for the tournament kick-off next Wednesday, Riot Games has once again demonstrated its own quality of content creation and without further ado, has released an official music video for VALORANT Champions 2021. The accompanying song is called “Die For You” and was created in collaboration with artist Grabbitz.

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