Valve’s Steam Deck is ready to ship on time

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(Pocket-lint) – Players rejoice! Valve made a big announcement that Steam Deck is ready to ship. It looks like the company’s portable console is ready to roll out to those who pre-ordered and will ship in late February.

This obviously comes after the previous launch delay last year, but it’s exciting for those of us with pre-orders.

The news came straight from Valve itself:

“First off, we’re on track to ship Steam Decks on time. Despite the global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues, it looks like we’ll be able to start releasing them by the end of February.”

In the lead up to launch, Valve has worked hard to ensure there are plenty of games that will work well with the console. You may have already heard about From the system check it The company set up.

This system will let you know at a glance if the games you want to play will work with Steam Deck. If it is marked as verified or bootable, you are good to go. Some may not be supported and others will need to be tested, but Valve has been sending Steam Deck SDKs to developers before launch to make sure there are as many people as possible.

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“It’s also important that we give developers the opportunity to test their games in order to have this beautiful green verified check, so we sent out dev kits in droves. We approved another wave of dev kits, and hundreds shipped last month (and we’re still approving and shipping more). )”.

There is no long time to wait now!

Written by Adrian Wellings.

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