Various demos in the Xbox Store will appear in advance –

That evening Sports Awards 2021 It is approaching, with various initiatives planned by publishers and producers: promotional events such as announcements, news and trailers, offers and Demo distribution Announced or upcoming topics and some of these Appeared ahead of time Su Xbox Store.

This is mainly about Indie games, Linked in some way to the December 9 event hosted by Geoff Keighley, but these are still interesting topics, although many of them are practically unknown.

No one saved the world, the picture of the game

Among the already known are Nobody Saves the World and Mind Scanners already released on PC by Drinkbox Studios in early 2022, but with good response, The Outer Zone offers a “retro-futuristic” simulation.

These titles in the Microsoft Store actually have specific revenue with a “TGA21 demo” written next to the title, which clearly suggests better compiled demos for The Game Awards 2021. Here is a list of demos that have appeared so far:

  • No one saved the world
  • Mind scanners
  • Aegean treasures
  • Aspire: The Story of Ina
  • Space boat
  • What’s in Multiverses
  • The Darkest Tales
  • Rockoventure
  • Aztec: The Forgotten Gods
  • Josh Journey: Darkness Dodems
  • Outbreak: Infectious Memories

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