Video “Announcement of the second year” zu Hitman 3

conclusion Hitman 3And 19.01.2021:

In the grand finale of the Assassination World trilogy, Hitman reveals all his strengths once again – but unfortunately also some well-known weaknesses, which are mainly found in the realm of artificial intelligence and script bugs. On the PS4 Pro, performance is also sometimes at a pain point and the version isn’t optimized, along with various rendering bugs. In comparison, Hitman plays more smoothly on newer consoles and PCs. Although the IOI has taken over a large part of the mechanisms from its predecessors and thus guarantees certain signs of fatigue, the beautifully designed and varied scenes combined with creative assassination options successfully overcome this shortcoming. And while the linear ending frustrated me a bit in terms of gameplay, I was in turn excited about all the possibilities and paths taken in the other episodes. Above all, Dartmoor stands out favorably with its greater focus on mysteries and connections in crime novels such as Knives Out. But the other locations also fascinate with their own charm, stimulating exploration and ensuring great fun. Despite my love of virtual reality, virtual reality isn’t my preferred port of call to shed power as a creative killer. I appreciate the new approach of being able to experience Hitman in a completely new way in this immersive way, but I still like the classic variant better in this case. However, games like Hitman are exactly what VR needs right now: big, all-encompassing adventures with high production value and not just a few experiences, small game groups, or tepid reward modes. So please more of it!

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