video games. “Card Shark”: The Art of Delicious Card Cheating under the Old Order

God knows that card players hate cheaters. However, the video game is actually in the skin of a cheater shark card Offers you to dive. The game, available on Nintendo Switch and PC, puts you in the role of a dumb young man recruited by the Comte de Saint-Germain to become his partner in a series of frauds. The Count and his partner aimed to get large sums of money from members of French high society who loved good old card games around a candlelit table.

The goal of the video game is simple. Following the count’s instructions, the player must succeed in cheating without being kicked out. There is no room for error, if you are caught red-handed, expect to be shot with a stride or pierced by a double-edged sword. Although refined, 18th-century Paris was cruel toward bandits and other thugs.

More advanced tricks require excellent memory – whether setting up a second deck in the ordered order or drawing duplicates from the shuffle before dealing. The difficulty is to perform these tricks without drowning out your opponent’s mistrust gauge, which fills up when your gestures are hesitant or too slow.

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gradual difficulty

As the story progresses, you will have to perform an increasingly complex sleight of hand. Be careful, it’s rare that everything goes as planned. Often you have to improvise, for example, by putting a stolen lady in a policeman’s pocket to pass him on as a cheater.

You will meet many wonderful characters of that time. And there is even a space to rid the sword with the sword. All the while, the Count’s goals remain very vague. He is a good-hearted baffler who teaches you how to write and his lessons lead to visible results in the journal. [rédigé par le héros]. But there is always a player, whether he is sitting at a table or not.

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A tribute to eighteenth century aesthetics

Developed by Nerealsmall independent British studio, shark card A collection of mini-games featuring 28 sleight of hand in a plot that will take you from a caravan in the woods to a royal banquet.

The aesthetic style of the game, 2D, is cool. The shimmering color textures evoke the visual splendor of the film Barry LyndonStanley Kubrick’s masterpiece oscillates between aesthetic and pictorial influences.

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