Video Hand-On puts the unreleased Galaxy S21 + camera against the iPhone 12 Pro Max

It may still be 2020 for a week or two, but the fever for Samsung’s 2021 lineup has officially started. We watched Many renders leaked And Advertising videos, But now a new video may be our best look at the upcoming Galaxy S21 + – and it includes a camera comparison with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max flagship.

Despite being labeled as an unofficial review, the video of YouTube Random Stuff 2 (who Previously shared another S21 video) Like a short view of an unpublished device. There are several image comparisons between the S21 + and Apple’s current flagship. Comparisons of phones not released via YouTube video are not the best way to determine the performance of a camera, but Samsung seems to have its own against its competitor.

Left: IPhone 12 Pro Max Right: Samsung Galaxy S21 +

With the camera models, we get a better view of the device as well. With a sleek bezel on the front and a unique camera module on the back, this is a phone that will look great no matter which side you try it on. Battery life is said to be better, perhaps competing with the Mate 20 Pro, It can reach two full days of use.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this video S21 +, you do not have to wait long. Samsung has The S21 series is scheduled to be officially released early next month – Despite this ratio, I would not be surprised if someone shows up at my doorstep tomorrow.

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Veronica Tucker

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