video. SBK22, the official Superbike video game, has been announced!

It’s been official for a few days, video game studio Milestone and Dorna WSBK Organization Srl will be partners in launching a new official title based on the Superbike Championship. So SBK22 will be released on September 15th on PC, Playstation and Xbox consoles but not on the Nintendo Switch, unlike the MotoGP game. The trailer for the program was published by the publisher. Here it is without further ado.


SBK™ 22 Aims to recreate an authentic and detailed experience of SBK™Thanks to advanced physics developed in collaboration with real riders, which aims to achieve a maximum level of simulation in terms of behavior for both the bike and the rider.

The immersive career mode offers many ways to beat the performance of riders and motorbikes. As you progress through the development trees, players have complete control over settings that range from managing people to crafting an advanced bike setup. Personnel management involves hiring different professionals such as a personnel manager, chief engineer, or data analyst.

The development tree is organized into different regions, each of which requires a specific number of research points to unlock. These points are earned passively by engineers or actively by players by performing specific tasks during racing weekends.

SBK™ 22 It also benefits from enhanced realism featuresas tires to choose from a wide range of tires Pirelli For dry and wet trails, or fuel management to balance bike weight.

ANNA, a revolutionary artificial intelligence system based on neural networks and machine learning, ensures a personalized gaming experienceIntelligently control opponents based on their real personality and training, by accumulating data and experience. At the higher level, experimental behaviors are skills at the human level.

Different editors allow players to customize several aspects to ensure a unique experience. Sticker editor, helmet editor, Number & Butt Patch are many editors for pilots and motorcycles. On the contrary, Team Fantasy is entirely focused on creating a completely fictional team with a customizable design and style.

SBK™ 22 It is also designed for epic multiplayer races. until 12 players It can create online lobbies, where competitions reach a whole new level. The multiplayer broadcast is customizable by choosing whether or not to add the typical SBK Tissot-Superpole session.TM before the race. In this fully online experience, players have the ability to customize each race with new settings and rules.

SBK™ 22 Will be released on September 15, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Steam.

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