View and change WiFi password in Windows 10: this is how it works

If you have friends, you often hear the question: “What is your WLAN password?” If you do not attach a paper slip with the appropriate code to your refrigerator, you can easily find this information on your computer – provided that it is connected to your home WiFi network. We explain the steps to view or change WiFi password in Windows 10.

Forgot WiFi password: this is how the icon is displayed in Windows 10

Anyone who has forgotten their WiFi password but is still logged into the computer can easily view the password. distance Right click on the WLAN icon Option “Open Network & Internet SettingsSelected. On the left side you can find a file menu itemWLAN“. over there “Network and Sharing CenterClicked. If you are connected to a WLAN, this connection will be displayed on the right side. You must click on your WLAN.

A separate window opens with information about the WLAN connection. In the middle of the window appears the option “Wireless Featuresoption to be chosen.Safety“You must click on it, then the option”signs appearA check mark must be placed. The WiFi password should already be displayed.

How do I change WiFi password in Windows 10?

For security reasons, it is recommended to change the WiFi password from time to time. This is especially true if a very simple WiFi password is used – or even the password from the router’s default settings. Because WiFi networks can also be hacked. But how do you enter a new WiFi password in the computer after changing the password of the router?

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The computer might ask for a new password the next time it tries to connect to the known network. If not, the following steps are necessary: ​​According to the above sequence, the menu item WLAN In the Settings to be selected. after clicking on “Known network management إدارة“It should be appropriate The network specified below has become. To the right of the network, tap “No reservation“Need. The next time you connect to the network, you will be asked for a password. Only here You entered a new password has become.

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