Virtual fashion, from fantasy to reality

In the (very) near future, fashion must come to terms with the metaverse, or web 3.0, allowing as many people as possible to dress up as their avatar, or virtual twin.

German shopping destination About You is (already) ramping up its efforts by launching a platform entirely dedicated to digital fashion and NFTs, making it accessible to both beginners and younger generations. Ongoing revolution.

As a pioneer in the field of NFT, the art scene is far from the only one today – far from it – to exploit the potential of non-fungible tokens, which make it possible to obtain digital, rare or exclusive works. Fashion brands have also been quick to break in, in turn offering NFTs that are taken like hot cakes despite their staggering prices, as well as digital fashion destined to shine in new virtual worlds. But the retailer About You is now going even further by launching a platform entirely dedicated to this new stadium.

“No more physical limits to self-expression.” This is, in part, what prompted the Hamburg shopping destination to launch Hypewear, a digital fashion and NFT platform that doesn’t target a specific niche but rather the general public. In other words, the innovations offered there will be affordable – the target being Generations Z and Y – and the platform will not require any special knowledge of cryptocurrencies as it can eventually be paid in Euros or Dollars.

“The Metaverse has opened up an exciting new world for business and fashion. At About You, we also want to help shape it. With Hypewear, we are bringing our brand into the digital world and allowing everyone to be a part of it now. We want to be a part of it now,” says Tariq Muller, co-founder of About You. All physical fashion items are someday used as digital assets, and we want to become the main destination for digital fashion in the metaverse.

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The digital creations will be designed in partnership with 3D fashion designers, graphic designers, and more traditional fashion and sports brands, among others. It will be launched in limited series, every week, with unique and exclusive pieces.

For customers, it will be enough to upload a photo to Hypewear, and then the clothes will be adapted to their morphology via a digital fitting. All that remains is to share the result on dedicated platforms or on social networks.

Hypewear is currently in the launch phase; Which means that it is only possible to register online via e-mail, in order to receive in return a voucher for a free piece of fashion from NFT. This could be used in the next couple of months to launch an alpha version of the platform.

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