Virtual Reality and Life in Space at AFT on Saturday

Astronaut Claudie Henry.

Claudie Henry at a virtual conference at Alliance française in Toronto

French astronaut, physician, and politician, Claudie Hainery, was the first French woman to travel into space. She will give a webinar in French on the sustainable fixation of humans in space, on Saturday at 2 pm.

“The return to the Moon is set in 2024 with the Artémis mission…to learn how to live there, work there, and build permanent habitats: scientific bases, places to live and work in a hostile environment. And in a collaboration that builds, at the service of all of humanity.”

This sustainable facility will serve research and will require the development of innovative technologies, also beneficial to the challenges of the planet. We can imagine the possible economic activities there. A prerequisite and professional training is to consider the continued exploration of deep space by humans. “

The astronaut will also discuss the preparation for the first manned mission to Mars, which today is known only thanks to probes and automated vehicles. It is an opportunity for her to engage the general public in this “inspiring and demanding human adventure”.

Family Day, Alliance Francaise de Toronto
Virtual reality and spatial futurology at the Family Day Program at the Alliance française de Toronto on Saturday 20 November.

The first French woman in space

Claudie Hainery, an astronaut candidate at the National Center for Space Studies, has trained in Russia’s City of Stars since 1992.

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