Virtual reality for track and field relay teams

sIf the crowd is ecstatic around him at the Stade de France, Pablo Mathieu, the 23-year-old runner and member of the French track and field team at the 2024 Olympics, should focus on his goal: making the best possible relay pass. His colleague arrives at full speed, ready… and goes for it. Finally for just a few metres, then he withdraws Virtual reality headset He returns to real life, within four walls, surrounded by scientists.

The athlete performs training that allows him, thanks to this technology developed by scientists, to improve his athletic performance, especially during passing the baton, which is a key moment for the success or failure of the relay race, according to the coaches.

Virtual reality is taking over

The Revea (Performance Enhancement Using Virtual Reality) project is one of dozens of research projects selected and funded by the state to allow scientists to work with high-level athletes and their coaches in order to improve their performance and Collect medals in the Olympic Games.

Gilles Montagne, professor and researcher at the Institute of Movement Sciences (Aix-Marseille University/CNRS), has worked with the French Athletics Federation, especially with the women's and men's 4 x 100 meter relay teams. “We had the athlete wear our virtual reality headset, which… […] read more

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