Virtual Reality: Museums want to impress you

In the blink of an eye, in the flutter of a wing, we move. We can travel in any of the universes our planet has to offer. Forget ourselves in the depths of the southern seas or near glaciers in the far north. The Museum of Natural History opens up to modernity, faithfully reproducing our ecosystems on high-resolution screens. Everything is there, the sights sound, even the smells.

To achieve the magic, the museum invited startups specializing in immersive video. Their promise is to copy the atmosphere of each environment as closely as possible, the slightest blow of a melting glacier, the smallest movement of insects. Get creative and fast because less than one in two French people go to museums. So forget your erroneously inspired atmosphere in front of the painting’s history. The scenography has changed. Chambord can now be visited with 3D glasses. One can imagine oneself in the 16th century, climbing these stairs frequented by François Premiere, or discovering the chimneys that top the castle with a 360-degree view.

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