Virtual reality to sing you an apple

If you have the 2018-generation Oculus virtual reality headset on your way up, you can now experience a virtual retreat in flower gardens at five different locations in Rougemont.

Through a partnership with the company Hoppin, Tourisme Rougemont has created by presenting an activity that, in addition to dealing with the reality imposed by the health context, allows you to discover the agricultural wealth of the territory, including the Belvedere pedestrian path at Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, Domaine Cartier-Potelle, and Coteau Rougemont’s vineyard and cider house, and Vergers Paul Jodoin and Fruiteraie des Gadbois.

“We are the premier destination in Quebec to display the orchards in social virtual reality.” – Steve Flanagan, for Rougemont Tourism

As if you were there

Using high-performance photo-capturing equipment, including a drone and a ‘six-lens’ camera, Hoppin’ immortalized the May 2020 blossoms, a major phenomenon compared to cherry blossom celebrations in Japan, to bring you there. Thanks to its virtual platform, thus taking a step towards innovative tourism in Quebec without borders. As long as you have Oculus headphones, the guided tour can be done for free with your friends, each with an avatar, which you’ll see appearing in the middle of the fields. From there, all you have to do is explore the place as if you were there, and go from one focal point to another.

“This partnership with Hoppin allows us to open access to the orchards, an attraction that can now be enjoyed in a different way,” notes Steve Flanagan, Flanagan President, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Rougemont Tourism. “The project started before the epidemic spread, because we have been talking about it for a year already. There, with COVID, it is more important. This initiative makes Rougemont Tourism a pioneer. We are the first destination in Quebec to display orchards in social virtual reality. There will be no limit to what can be done.” Maybe we could visit SÉPAQ’s distant parks or other places we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. ‘

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“With glasses, you can connect to Wi-Fi, then go directly to Rougemont. We can connect to many remotely. There are several modes, including a story, Which is somewhat like a documentary film, takes us everywhere, and the maze mode, which allows us to teleport by choosing different points that can be identified, ”explains the designer, Jean-Nicholas Vandlak, during the presentation.” It allows you to discover and enjoy discoveries without motion. Usual traffic. Our goal is to be able to bring people everywhere to real places. “

To live this immersive experience, just install the app on Oculus GO, on, Or in Oculus Quest or Quest 2, in

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