Virtual reality to support care in Ajaccio and Bastia hospitals

Two ARS-powered VR headsets in Corsica

For two years, this device has been successfully tested in the Ria department of Ajaccio hospital, which has led Dr. Paul-Henri Grissot, practitioner in the intensive care unit and project leader, to request the use of two pieces of equipment, including one for the Bastia hospital. A device that costs around 7,000 euros, and is supported by the ARS in Corsica: “Given the benefits of this device, I set up the project with the Regional Health Agency, which agreed to provide us with two helmets. This is already a practice in other healthcare institutions. Putting the headset on these patients provides the possibility of distraction, which may allow care to be carried out using fewer medications. This makes the care easier. In the studies carried out, we also observed a benefit in the complications that patients may encounter during hospitalization in intensive care. We have the desire to improve the outcomes of our patients in post-intensive care. We have obtained authorization from Dr. Laurent Serban, Head of Intensive Care, to use this first model, and to carry out tests for those who wanted it for about two years. The feedback we received was very positive.

A device that can also be used by caregivers themselves to reduce their stress, while practicing their profession which requires a lot of effort every day. But also in other services such as pediatrics for example. “In the context of healthcare, this headset facilitates awareness-raising among children, who will be more receptive, especially since in addition to the environments included in the device, fun games are also offered. The VR headsets are set to be officially put into service next month, in both hospitals, after a necessary training period for the nursing staff. They should quickly experience success and find a preferred place in the various care departments of the island’s two hospitals.

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