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Carrier Command 2 is a simulation and action game that will give players the control of a futuristic aircraft carrier. So their job will be to manage the ship’s many systems from the deck. Developed by Geometa and published by MicroProse, the game was scheduled to launch in Early Access on PC in the spring. However, the studio delayed its release until the end of the summer. As of now, no official launch date has been revealed yet, but it likely won’t be long before that happens. We now know that the developer is also preparing a VR version of the title. It also plans to release it in Early Access later this year with cross-play support.

About 33 years after its release, the classic simulation game Carrier Command (1988) will have a modern sequel called Carrier Command 2. This new game will allow up to 9 players to take control and manage the ACC Epsilon Carrier. Many of their systems from the bridge. While the studio behind the title has yet to announce a release date for the title on PC, they have already announced the release of a VR version of it.

Carrier Command 2 VR: What to expect

In Carrier Command 2, players will have access to many features of the ACC Epsilon Carrier. To control the aircraft carrier, they would therefore be entitled to have several computer terminals and control panels. For better realism, the title will be played first person.

Geometa said it has revealed a VR version of the game didn’t plan support for virtual reality headphones. However, he chose to do so after numerous requests for a VR version from multiple players. He did not fail to announce that adapting the title in virtual reality was not difficult thanks to its characteristics.

Hence, it will be same game Same mechanics, same balance. Of course, we can use VR controllers to interact with the different controls of the game with the VR version. Note that both versions of the game will support cross-play, which means that both VR and VR players will have the opportunity to play together.

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