Wallace & Gromit: The Grand Gateway has been announced exclusively for Meta Quest 2!

ardman It is a world famous animation studio for its originality and the risk involved in particular in Many of his successful animated and short films: Wallace and GromitAnd chicken running And Shun. The latter seems to be interested in immersive technologies with the release of the app last year English cell phone Wallace and Gromit: The Big Reform. This time, the next step will be the virtual reality game that the studio has been commissioned to develop Atlas VR Who has worked in animated films, stories and immersive experiences such as dark eyesAnd combat chariot or Madrid Black.

Wallace & Gromit: The Grand Getaway is set for 2023 on Meta Quest 2 only (We will personally take care of lighting a candle for the owners MetaQuest Forename). It will be an adventure game that will allow players to “walk, explore and warm their hands (or paws) in the world of Wallace and Gromit”. So it will probably be a more advanced level game PlayWe cannot but welcome and appreciate this initiative.

At The Grand Getaway, the holidays come for Wallace and Gromit. Sun, sand and a chance to test their latest machine, Auto-Caddy. But Wallace erred in history: they should be at the other end of the country in half an hour! There is only one thing to do…they will take the missile. But an experimental error causes Wallace, Gromit, and Otto Kady to veer out of their way. Will the holidays be unforgettable?

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Several characters wanted to talk about the game:

Sean Clark, Managing Director of Aardman, said, “The entire studio is very excited about this project, which gives us the perfect opportunity to do what we love – bringing together unforgettable characters and engaging storytelling with emerging technologies. To provide fans with a fully immersive viewing experience. For loyal fans of Wallace & Gromit, this is a real achievement: after seeing the characters on screen for decades, they will now have the opportunity to step into their world and take an active part in this new story. Which made it very popular.”

Antoine Caerol and Arnaud Culinart, co-founders and producers of Atlas V said: “Atlas V aims to work with popular IPs, in order to make a greater impact on the audience and reach more people. Today, we are thrilled to bring the world of Wallace & Gromit to space entertainment with this amazing team of creative minds. It has been a challenge for all of us to come together to meet the level of expectations and standards this intellectual property demands, but we are confident that fans of Wallace & Gromit and the VR community will experience incredible immersive adventures interacting with these two beloved characters. »

Meta Producer Ryan Thomas said, “Meta was definitely excited to partner with the world-renowned Aardman and the talented team at Atlas V on this world-acclaimed IP. The idea of ​​interacting and being in the same room as those lovable characters I watched grow up evokes a sense of nostalgia and wonder We know that Meta Quest 2 owners will appreciate it. For users unfamiliar with the franchise, we are excited to introduce them to this wonderful and fun world through a smart, innovative and visually immersive VR experience.”

The stop licensing movement and cartoonish aesthetic also seem perfectly suited to Meta Quest 2 Which often remains to the test with more realistic graphics. Let’s hope the game is as beautiful as it is immersive and offers us gameplay worthy of the name.

If you haven’t taken the initiative yet, you can treat yourself with a Oculus Quest 2 in home BakerThe FnakAnd Dart or Amazon for 349.99 euros. You can also find good computers for gamers there.

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